This consultation is now closed. (Opened on 4 April 2022 and closed on 2 May 2022 at 17:00 CEST)


The SCHema for ACademia, SCHAC <>,  aims to define and promote common schemas in the field of higher education to facilitate inter-institutional data exchange.  This schema is originally the result of the work in the area of attributes coordination carried out within the now-discontinued TERENA Task Force on Middleware, TF-EMC2, and is now being maintained under the auspices of REFEDS <> and the Schema Editorial Board.


As per the changelog in the document, SCHAC 1.6.0 deprecates the schacGender attribute and updates links from TERENA to GÉANT.

Participants are invited:

  • to consider the proposed changes to the SCHAC schema; and
  • to propose appropriate changes / challenges to the proposed document via the form below.

The PDF for the consultation is available.  Background on SCHAC is available. All comments should be made on: or added to the changelog below. Comments posted to other channels will not be included in the consultation review.

Following consultation, the Schema Editorial Board will reconvene to discuss the actions and decisions on the proposals and feedback given.

Change Log

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The issues regarding schacHomeOrganizationType and references to ISO-3166 as listed on SCHAC_1.5.0_issues were not yet considered?

Peter: Seems many more things from that page and its comment(s) have not been considered, 5 years (!) after they had been written. 

Thomas Lenggenhager / SWITCH

We will adjust the references and address several of the 1.5.0 issues. We're not clear on what to do with urn:schac:homeOrganizationType:eu:higherEducationalInstitution and urn:schac:homeOrganizationType:eu:educationalInstitution as those examples do match what's in the spec.

2-Better than referring to ISO-3166-2 would be to refer to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 as in the European Student Identifier spec.Thomas Lenggenhager / SWITCHThis makes sense. Will fix.
3185Adding a European Student Identifier example for schacPersonalUniqueCode would make sense.Thomas Lenggenhager / SWITCHThis makes sense. Will fix.
47,28,235,615 and page footer(s)Does deprecating an unused attribute and updating references to the TERENA website justify going from 1.5.0 to 1.6.0? To me that feels more like a 1.5.1, at least going by gut feeling (not by seriously trying to apply semver). The fact that plenty of other issues that were reported years ago (e.g. those mentioned in comment #1 above) have not been dealt with makes this release even less convincing.Deprecating an attribute, while not a breaking change, is a significant enough action to require a minor number change. If we were introducing a breaking change (i.e., removing the attribute entirely) then we'd want to change this to 2.0. If we were only changing references to the TERENA website, that would be just the patch number update.

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  1. Indeed, in comment #1 I wrongly referred to the schacHomeOrganizationType issue.

    According to the page history of the SCHAC URN registry, Heather fixed it on Apr 11, 2018 16:04.