Alan Buxey

Pål Axelsson

Tom Barton

Albert Wu

Alex Stuart

Mark Williams

Discussion items

5 minsSummary of previous meeting
10 mins

Service provider 5 (and any earlier if required

40 minsexpectations of federation operators
last 5AOB

Draft minutes

Summary of previous meeting

Notes: 2020-02-25 Baseline Expectations meeting

only 6 attendees.  3 federations represented, InCommon, UKAMF and  SWAMID.

last time got to SP4.  any comments?

MDUI issues - logo, description (language options) how do we deal with language? legal requirements for some regions but MUST have presence

of certain values.... we can recommend what goes in


Tom explanation - data minimisation. how the required attributes  required is published is not mandated (allowing it to be published

in metadata, on a federation webpage, etc)

CoCo - required/requested attributes being listed.

Do we make sure that this is not SAML specific

another SP requirement?  end points. return urls secure/encrypted

revisit IdP requirements - errorURL

change IdP4 and SP4 to be more technology profile agnostic.... not so SAML

use of implementation profiles for each technology covered by an overriding Baseline expectation doc.

FO1  SWAMID agree. trust is the main thing. service availability etc is important but leads to the number 1 aim of Trustworthiness

Alan - availability of metadata can be under FO3

Tom asked Albert about a document related to trust efforts.

Tom -

Richer set of documents on so that people who have issues can have a place to look (security info etc)

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