• continue with going through the InCommon baseline expectations doc

Discussion items

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Finish discussion of Baseline expectation of federation item 3

Tom - look at actions that may be done, auditing of members, SIRTFI

Nicole - anecdotally, trust of federations by other federations.  how do we ensure that trust scales - not asking for inter-federation

communication.  not directly related to this group but federations might need a staff change communication

Discussions of Baseline Expectations of Federations item 4

Nicole - second part makes sense - eg with recent R&S . finding information about what each Federation does can be long and cumbersome

Mario - where and how will the documents note the best practice/frameworks and entity categories

Nicole - a problem here - there are 3 different things called Best Practice guide.  eg this one

and entity category information is fragmented

Miro - best current practice. if something is implemented, is it right?  some are okay for some people but not for others . can we make things easier

and use baseline for this ?

Tom - InCommon Trust Advisory community board.  look at baseline, ensure  people are doing their thing.

Mario - eduGAIN technical support could do some of these things?

Nicole - may need more working groups to support the eduGAIN SG - ensure tooling works with all the things - eg R&S isnt supported.

Alan - this work will be aiming for an agreed baseline that every federation can agree to and match.  this is a moving target though - we need

clear communication (as 2 conference events - eduGAIN town hall and TNC20  that were to happen didn't..)

Tom - value form this is for everyone but federation. need to have inclusivity with all the participants  with respect to the governance.

Mario - FIM4R...

Tom commercials, research sector and others. stakeholders represent all

Mario - so if we made a big announcement that eg ll R&S capable must be by 'date' then workable?

Tom - yes, this is how InCommon operates - decide on the next big thing to be done, focus on that, communicate

Mario - R&S issue

Nicole - some federations have an issue with it, GDPR related maybe

Mario - need to be sure that level is agreed. what if one federation doesn't like the level or agree to the idea?

Alan - top of hour, we will leave this here at this interesting point for next time.

Action items

Alan - get fragmented notes published

Alan+ Pål   to plan retroactive visit of minutes to make next step plan