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Tom - what about non R& are we dealign with those

Christopher W = NIH, we are interested in Citizen Scientists how to deal with


Marina: its not all clear for joining SPs. what to do..what software, what

config - non technical rules document good for all. whatever their background.

when a decision needs to be made. would be good to note the advantages of


Heather - maybe we meed to add some cover note that these are for all members

of the federation

Albert - some of the things we've adopted are for certain communities...

R&S etc. not for everyone, not adopted widely

outside of our federations, the word federation is used differently

(mainly bilateral).

Alan: looking at the baseline but do we need to define the final end goal

the destination (analogy to basecamp and mountain summit given).

Albert shared doc:  relating to a peak that Tom previously shared

Heather - SP experience can vary....gave examples of 2 federations

Miro: if we look at passports

Miro: lets get this documented - the rules for SPs/IdPs

(alan added note)

Tom: we cannot control the business models or limit the federations


Tom - Participant operating practices.  wasnt a success. hence baseline work.

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