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SRCE - Miro - email address and name are in contact information

SWAMID - Bjorn - 60% have email details, 10% phone

Alan - lets look at the joining.membership comments made from Shannon and Christopher - seems like the request is for

common document in federation path that covers the policies/rules/joining procedure etc.  is this a correct summary...would

such things be onerous?

Pal - it would be good to be consistent - but can all the requirements such as membership/eligibility/subscription etc be too complex

Nicole - once did this and created a membership template. not sure how common it is

Miro - should be very short

Christopher - I just need the eligibility when interacting with an IdP the other side of the world..... quick place to check if they can

join before recommending it

Pal - worry about duplication

Alan - what if we have a resource which just links each thing to where they are currently published known?

Nicole - we always come across these issues eg with eduroam

Tom - not sure if this is a baseline thing. so many variations

Alan - was giving the idea some room to breathe to see what we can get out as it is related to the fundamental aim of

making federations easier to use, better IdP/SP interop etc.

Tom - make this a requirement for inter-federation?

Nicole - need to have a place for the eligibility etc

Meshna - my experience is they do have this information published, somewhere on the website. some similarities, answers

to the same questions but in their own different ways . for SPs starting up, hard to find whats what but with some experience

eg dealing with the 3rd or 4th federation etc it becomes easier.

Alan -  so we request Federations have their doc/policies and move the linking requirements to interfederation

(general consent)

F01 disussed

F02 - needed wording change

F03 - proposal to add something about interperability

Albert shared this Doc:

we'll start next meeting with this (Alex is going to look at UK filtering rules etc to see how they can be interpreted in similar


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