• Status: Complete demo php-site with good examples so we have a reference implementation for people to consider. Should also do some visual distinction to show which part is for the SP, which for the IdP. Maybe a flow diagram?

    • Alan Buxey  and Fredrik Domeij  will work on where we need to create appropriate text for the error messages (see config.php)

    • Fredrik Domeij will give people the necessary GitHub repository access as needed)

  • Status: Write this up for public comment;

  • Use ISO8601 for ERRORURL_TS?
    • Consensus: no, use UNIX epoch
  • What is this ERRORURL_INFO stuff?
    • see updated working doc
  • Next step
    • Action items as described above
    • Next call 26 March 2020 (time still shifted due to mismatch of DST changes)
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