REFEDS Assurance Framework pilot call
Monday 19th February 2018 at 15:30 CET/16:30 EET/8:30 CST
CERN’s Vidyo:

University of Chicago, Daniel Y, David L
Aalto University, Jari K and Timo T
XCEDE and CILogon, Jim B
CSC, Sami S
ELIXIR and BBMRI, Michal P
Pål A
Michal S and Jule Z
Mikael L, chair, notes


  • introduction of pilot participants
    • Chicago (Shib 3 IdP): David L and Daniel Y
    • Aalto (Shib 3 IdP): Jari K and Timo T
    • CSC (Shib 3 IdP): Sami S
    • XCEDE (Shib 3 IdP) and CILogon: Jim B
    • Masaryk University (SimpleSAMLphp, test IdP only): Michal P (on behalf of the IdP admin)
    • ELIXIR (SP) and BBMRI (SP): Michal P
    • EGI: Nicolas
    • Michael S and Jule Z: SFA spec editors
    • Pål A
    • Mikael L: RAF spec editor
  • reviewed the pilot goals:
  • pilot roadmap
    • Timo pointed out that it is difficult for them to know which users have MFA capacity because they have outsourced the service
  • Steps before the next call
    • Mikael to prepare a table with RAF values in rows and IdPs in columns. IdP reps then to fill the data for their organisation
    • Everyone to read the RAF and SFA specifications and provide feedback before next Monday 26 Feb
  • communications
    • Let's use the common REFEDS Assurance list:
  • next call
    • start a bi-weekly call cycle starting 5 March at 15:30 CET/16:30 EET/8:30 CST
    • exceptions: Tuesday 3rd April (Easter) and Wednesday 2nd May (May Day)

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