Monday 2nd July at 15:30 CEST/8:30 CDT
CERN’s Vidyo:



  • Review of RAF second consultation comments
    • #1 clarify ePPN reassignment: re-designed the unique and ePPN re-assignment section (as per discussion on mailing list)
      • David Hübner had followed up that, for symmetry, also SAML2 PersistentID should be listed as an identifier covered by unique. Decided to adopt that proposal
      • Couldn't find a normative statement that SAML2 PersistentID must not be re-assigned so returned "no re-assignment" to the required properties of unique.
      • add a requirement below the first table in 2.1 that a CSP must not assert an identifier if the requirement does not fulfill the requirements of unique
    • #2 and #8 examples on ID proofing:
      • adopted the examples proposed in the mailing list
    • #9: Kantara SAC behind “PII wall”
      • Kantara has now removed the PII wall
    • #7 abstract is vague: added a sentence
    • other comments were covered in the previous call
  • decide to submit the RAF and SFA to REFEDS SC for adoption
  • Mikael will prepare resolutions to the RAF consultation page and Michal to the SFA consultation page
  • Next call on Monday 27th August at 15:30 CEST/8:30 CDT, focusing on the supplementary documentation
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