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  • REFEDS assurance vc 2018-08-27
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REFEDS Assurance working group call 27 Aug 2018 15:30-16:30 CEST
CERN’s Vidyo:
David L
Tom B
Michael S
Pål A
Mikael L


  • status of RAF and SFA
    • REFEDS Steering Committee has approved the REFEDS Assurance Framework and Single-factor authentication profile

    • REFEDS Secretariat in the process to prepare a web page for the spec (Sirtfi model proposed:
  • went through the material gathered for the RAF/SFA web page
  • publish a list of early adopters in the web page?
    • some research communities are already showring interest to use RAF
    • IdPs: Find out if it is possible to gather information from the SWITCHaai test page on the number of IdPs that have been successfully used for testing RAF/SFA/MFA
    • SPs: we need to ping the research communities if they are consuming the RAF/SFA/MFA
  • training to support adoption
    • In Europe, adoption needs to go via federation operators (who could integrate RAF/SFA/MFA to their local policies and training programmes for IdPs). TNC in June 2019 was seen as the best opportunity to reach federation operators for a training satellite event
    • In the US, InCommon organises 4 Shibboleth installation workshops/year. RAF/SFA/MFA could be part of it. Contact: David L
    • InCommon scheduling its own conference (separate from internet2 conferences) early fall 2019. It will have also a research community track.
    • Research community events (including research community champions) are good points of contact to research SPs
    • The research SPs can be reached also via the WISE community and AARC2 project (before it finishes 4/2019)
  • no follow up call was agreed on; Mikael will convene when need arises

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