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Federated Identity and  Browsers (Updated for Q12024)

Heather Flanagan 
2023-10-11eduGain and REFEDS Town hall in StockholmZacharias Törnblom
2023-09-21TechEx ACAMP session notesGenerally addressing strategy and tactics:  let's continue to engage with FedCM as it becomes a WG so our concerns with it as a method of auth are on record for the Privacy WG to heed.

Browser Privacy: Benefit or Threat


YouTube video

Judith Bush, OCLC
Scott Cantor, The Ohio State University
Gary Windham, Cirrus Identity

2023-08-24OpenAthens Blog post
2023-07-27YouTube video (48 s)

Philip Smart  Chrome Canary 117 demo of FedCM requiring the new user's sign-in status to be set by the IdP origin .

2023-06-06Géant TNC23 Lightning talk (minute 27:30), SlidesZacharias Törnblom 

 YouTube, Slides

Heather Flanagan see Federated Identity and Browsers – Update 

2023-03-22video1354495541-fedcm-mar20-demo.mp4 (20min)

Chris Phillips  Follow on from the FedCG call yesterday of the impromptu  side by side FedCM / SAML sign on demo -  refactored it, added some personal observations — thoughts and comments welcome as always


Zacharias Törnblom Update following a recent meet-up between representatives of the Research & Education (R&E) community and Mozilla and Google

previouslyFrom Seamless Access"In a recent blog post called “An emerging new technology for federated access: Federated Credential Management (FedCM)” and several earlier blog posts, videos (one, two) and FAQs (for librarians and publishers), we talked about ongoing developments at the major browser vendors..."


TechEx 23 slides walk through third party cookies and navigational tracking, plus contextualize the YouTube demo video

Demo from Gary Windham showing an IdP modified to support FedCM. The user first authenticates at the IdP. The "SP" page uses javascript to tell the browser the desired IdP. The IdP returns a SAML response.

The Github repo for that SSP module is

Powerpoint illustration of a very quick (less than 30 min) presentation for colleagues. Offered as a template for starting the conversation. 2023-03 Judith Bush 

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