The following questions were asked with regard to customer service:

 - What are the three most valuable services beyond basic federation operations that you provide to your membership?
 - Do you actively invite service providers in to your federation and what services do you focus on / are most used?
 - What customer support guidelines do you provide?
 - Do you have a self registry tool?

Valuable Services

OrganisationFederationService 1Service 2Service 3
AAF - Australian Access FederationAustralian Access Federation (AAF)AAF Virtual Home ( IdP for the homeless managed be all subscribersAAF Rapid Connect ( Allows services to connect using JSON Web tokens.AAF Federation Registry (  provides self-service registration to the federation, automatic attribute release filters .. etc
AAI@EduHrAAI@EduHrmetering, monitoring  AAI@WEsoftware packages (includes SW for IdPs and SPs)hosting for   
ARNESArnesAAI Slovenska izobraževalno raziskovalna federacijaidentity management system: as a serviceself-service registry
CANARIECanadian Access FederationIdP Installer components for automated IdP InstallationResearch project Federated SSO Integration mentorship/support 
CESNETeduID.czSupercomputingServers and personal SSL certificatesData storage
DFNDFN-AAIcentralized discovery servicesself-service registry (metadata admin tool)IdP hosting esp. for smaller institutions
FunetHakaPeer support group for IAM professionalsSelf service registryUsage statistics
HEAnetEdugateService Provider integration support and adviceRegistry (incorporating statistics and GUI attribute release)Hosted, Managed & Standby Shibboleth IdP
Internet2InCommonMultifactor Authentication Services, provided by Duo SecurityFederation Manager, a self-service metadata registryEntity Category services, especially Research & Scholarship
Janet (UK)UK Access Management FederationWugen & RAPTORTest IdP & Test SP 
KREONETKREONET Access Federationguest Idpgroup management 
LITNETLITNET FEDIVideo presentation serviceLibrary servicesFilesender
NIIGakuNinEduroam-Shib (Temporary eduroam account issuing)GakuNin Application SystemGakuNin mAP (Member Attribute Providor)
NIIF/HUNGARNETHREF /; not a formal body, thus no formal nameattribute authority (HEXAA)self-service entity registry with institutional metadata setsguest IdP
RENATERFederation Education RechercheSP to check the release of attributs by IdPHomeless IdPAttribute filter
REUNACOFReFilesenderMi espacio REUNA (guest IdP)PLAZA
RNPComunidade Acadêmica Federada (CAFe)Videos and classes content.virtual libraryFilesender
SUNETSWAMIDA veryA Discovery Service to use for SP:s 
SURFnetSURFconextOnegini allows users to access online services connected to SURFconext in a safe and easy way using their social account, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google. In addition a Onegini specific account may be created as a last resort.SURFconext Dashboard provides an overview of all the cloud services linked to SURFconext. Administrators within an institution – the SURFconext contact people – can use the dashboard to quickly and easily make cloud services accessible to users.SURFconext Teams makes it easy for users to set up an online group with people from other institutions. These groups can be used for a variety of services linked to SURFconext. 
SWITCHSWITCHaaiIdP Hosting as an optional paid serviceEvery IdP Admin manages his Attribute Release Policy. It is used to automatically generate the tailored Shibboleth IdP attribute-filter.xml file 
UNINETTFeideAdvisingTechnical support 

Service Provider Types


AAF - Australian Access FederationAustralian Access Federation (AAF)Service Provider growth is occurring organically + AAF actively focues on Service Providers,  Research tools, data sharing, collaboration
AAI@EduHrAAI@EduHre-learning, web apps/collaboration tools, digital repositories/databases
ACOneteduID.atInvitations: publishers (by community request), though likely not most used
AMRESiAMRESWe just started engaging with SPs. We are currently in progress to get Microsoft Office365 into iAMRES.
ARNESArnesAAI Slovenska izobraževalno raziskovalna federacijaYes
CANARIECanadian Access Federationno answer
CESNETeduID.czYes, we do. Most used services are electronic books.
DFNDFN-AAIyes, no specific focus / content provider, eLearning platforms, research infrastructures etc.
EENetTAATno answer
GARRIDEMyes. Electronic resources from pubblishers. Wifi access. Non local LMS are growing.
HEAnetEdugateWe pursue publishers to join Edugate where their eduGAIN support is lacking
Internet2InCommonFederation participants and sponsor any vendor service
Janet (UK)UK Access Management FederationYes. Commercial publishers.
KREONETKREONET Access FederationYes / cloud services like storage, computing

Cloud Services (E-Learning, etc.) / E-Journals

RENATERFederation Education RechercheWe focus on ressources used for research and education core activities 
REUNACOFReOnline publisher
RNPComunidade Acadêmica Federada (CAFe)Yes.
SUNETSWAMIDNo - no membership is needed to join as a SP, only acceptance of our Terms of Use.
SURFnetSURFconextYes, collaboration Services (Community intitiatives, Research), but also instutitional services like Portals, Timetable applications and Google Apps.
SWITCHSWITCHaaiNo more, in the beginning we focused on learning management services. Next to all higher education learning management systems are reachable via SWITCHaai. A wide variety of services including many Federation Partners are available.
UNINETTFeideYes. All services aimed at the educational sector.

Customer Support Guides

AAF - Australian Access FederationAustralian Access Federation (AAF)Knowledge Base (, Technical Information wiki ( , Technical Resoucses (, AAF Dashboard (
AAI@EduHrAAI@EduHrfederating apps; SSP usage (most of it is in Croatian;
ACOneteduID.atE.g. (several URLs, space-seperated here):
AMRESiAMRESno answer
ARNESArnesAAI Slovenska izobraževalno raziskovalna federacijaTehcnical documentation for service providers and identity providers:
CANARIECanadian Access Federation 
CESNETeduID.czFor example, user filtering guide for Shibboleth SP:
GARRIDEM (mostly in Italian)
Internet2InCommonInC-Federation wiki space:
Janet (UK)UK Access Management FederationAll at
KREONETKREONET Access FederationWe provide customers with only korean user guide, but don't have url.
NIIGakuNinuApproveJP, FPSP, SPToU
RENATERFederation Education Recherche 
REUNACOFReNone - I recommend the SWITCHaai guides
RNPComunidade Acadêmica Federada (CAFe)
SURFnetSURFconext (end user - Dutch), (IdP - Dutch), (SP - English) and (SP and IdP)
SWITCHSWITCHaaiShibboleth IdP and SP installation, configuration and interfederation enabling tailored for SWITCHaai. You find them all at

Self Registry Tool


AAF - Australian Access FederationAAFFederation Registry
ARNESArnesAAI Slovenska izobraževalno raziskovalna federacijaArnes customer portal (frontend for users): + ArnesAAI MDS (Backend):
CANARIECanadian Access FederationJagger
DFNDFN-AAIMetadata Administration Tool (in-house developed software)
FunetHakaResource Registry
Internet2InCommonFederation Manager (proprietary)
NIIGakuNINGakuNin Application System
NIIF/HUNGARNETHREF / eduID.hrResource Registry
RENATERFederation Education RechercheLe guichet de la fédération
SURFnetSURFconextBuild by SURFnet (SP registration form). Example:
SWITCHSWITCHaaiResource Registry (PHP, locally developed)


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