The following questions were asked regarding federation engagement with REFEDS:


Organisation  FederationHave you used REFEDS resources?Which resources?What should REFEDS focus on in the future?
AAF - Australian Access FederationAustralian Access Federation (AAF)YesDiscovery Guide, List of FederationsA stronger focus on service delivery models. Multi protocol federation - OpenID Connect, new attributes eg orcid and sub committees / increased focus for emerging federations vs the well-established 
AAI@EduHrAAI@EduHrYesspecs & guidesStandards & harmonisation; metering & monitoring; business continuity
ACOneteduID.atYesProbably all of them :)  Mailing lists, website, wiki, meetings, discovery guide, templates, entity categories, MET, etc.
ARNESArnesAAI Slovenska izobraževalno raziskovalna federacijaYesInformation about entity categoriesNon-web applications
BelnetBelnet R&E FederationYesmeetings, wiki, web sites from colleague's NREN 
CANARIECanadian Access FederationYesMet tool, the policy analysis by Nicole, the wiki 
CESNETeduID.czNon/aR&E entity category definition if possible. Lukas Hämmerle is quite active in this area to support CLARIN needs with "academic" users, etc.
DFNDFN-AAIYeswiki and meetingsLoA, of course ;-) developing a controlled vocabulary for eduPersonAssurance
FunetHakaYesMeetings, Schac schemaSchac schema, common self service registry software to administer (inter/con)federation metadata and crm
GARRIDEMNo answer  
HEAnetEdugateYesmailing list and wikiOutreach to large international research orgs and orgs like ORCID
Internet2InCommonYeswiki, mailing listmetadata validation
Janet (UK)UK Access Management FederationYesDiscovery Guide, DP CoC & R&S entity categories, MET.Harmonisation of operational practices and attribute exchange.
KREONETKREONET Access FederationNon/aNot yet
LITNETLITNET FEDIYeswiki, discovery guide-
NIIGakuNinYesmeetingsUnified/effective procedure for key roll over on international SP sites
NIIF/HUNGARNETHREF /; not a formal body, thus no formal nameYesentity categories; mailing lists 
RedIRISSIRYesWiki, mailing listsSame work addressed now
RENATERFederation Education RechercheYesBest practicesfederation practices benchmarking
REUNACOFReYesWeb, wiki, reports and mailing list Follow the evolution of federation in Latin America beyond Brazil, maybe produce material with different experiences of federations in Europe
RNPComunidade Acadêmica Federada (CAFe)YesWiki, meetings, mailing lists.REFEDS should have regional chapters, It may help to disseminate federation fundamentals regionally.  Moreover, REFEDS could promote the development and standardization of a system of statistics that could be used by the federations to quantify their use.
SUNETSWAMIDYesWe try to attend to REFEDS meetings and encourage use of the REFED mail list 
SURFnetSURFconextYesMailing list, FOG list, meetingseduGAIN, attribute harmonisation, non-web and SAML
SWITCHSWITCHaaiYesMeetings, R & S Entity Category, MET 
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