Numbers presented below are from July 2015 CE and do not include reports from all federations known to REFEDS.

The following table shows approximate numbers of subjects served by research and education federations.

Federation (Country/Region)Numbers
AAF (Australia) >1,000,000 (Austria)


AAI@EduHr (Croatia)788,320 (Czech Republic)

Haka (Finland)296,000
FER (France)2,900,000
Edugate (Ireland)220,000
GARR (Italy)4,000,000
FEIDE (Norway)1,200,000
SURFconext (the Netherlands)716,000
SWAMID (Sweden)600,000
SWITCHaai (Switzerland)400,000
UK federation (UK)10,000,000
InCommon (US)8,000,000
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