ePA will continue to use a controlled vocabulary; turning this into an open value is out of scope.Yes5 May 2020
Affiliation should not be confused with Entitlement. This working group recognizes that SPs often prefer ePA because it’s a controlled vocabulary and there for is easier to implement. Entitlement is not a controlled vocabulary and requires more work to be useful, but is likely to be more accurate across a broader scope of IdPs.

Rather than further dilute this controlled vocabulary, if someone feels there needs to be more here, instead create a whole new attribute. The current affiliation values should be a broad brush. Anything more specific would belong somewhere else

The purpose of ePA is to define the relationship a user has with their home institution. This group should specify the common relationships that a user might have with their home organization.

ePA is to define a relationship. ePE is to define what you can do.

We will not make backwards incompatible changes to the current ePA vocabulary semantics due to the large existing deployment.

Next steps?

  • defining relationships of interest (brainstorming)
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