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  • Davida Bantz-Leguard,
  • David Bantz,
  • Jason Peak,
  • Blair Christensen,
  • Pete Birkinshaw,
  • Heather Flanagan,
  • Mona Zarei


  • Introductions

    • David Bantz - something he's been struggling with from an enterprise/university perspective

    • Jason Peak (Oregon State - IAM lead on the Oregon University Pronoun Project, and hope to find guidance in international standards

    • Mona Zarei (UCSD) - see pronouns as important to the future in support of diversity

    • Blair Christensen (U. Chicago) - campus is in the early stages re: a pronoun project

    • Pete Birkinshaw (consultant, previously working for U Manchester) - advises businesses, colleges, and universities on this topic; sees pronouns being supported in back end systems, but not in the IAM layer

    • Davida Bantz-Leguard (interested member of the public) - degree in linguistics and interested in the topic, encountering different versions of this schema in various applications and forms and found the inconsistency frustrating

  • Charter

    • Looking at pronouns; will this be tied with PreferredName or DisplayName? That's out of scope

    • Pronunciation seems closely related and is also something in different fields in HR and SP systems; could that be in scope? Examples: using video to record the preferred pronunciation, or using the proper phonetic alphabet to describe. This is an interesting analog to the pronoun question, but is still separate.

  • Existing Proposal (

    • The spec cannot cover the different possibilities in language; should be multi-value

    • Best practice guidance can use examples, making sure to include examples of non-binary options

    • Note that the draft scope includes what is NOT in scope, but doesn't describe what's in scope

    • Does anyone have local guidance for how their institution plans to use pronouns?

  • Critical questions

    • presuming it would be voluntary to provide preferred pronouns, we can provide the best practices and it's up to the institution to manage

    • We will need to focus on two outputs: the spec, and the guidance

    • This can only be in support of personalization; should SPs be asking for this rather than requesting IdPs provide it?

  • Next steps

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