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  • Mona Zarei



  • Consensus review
    • eduPersonDisplayPronoun should be a single-valued attribute
    • It should be human-readable; machine readability is out of scope
    • Multiple languages are at the discretion of the end-user; we will not be including LDAP attribute options to tag language to values
    • EQUALITY field will be removed
  • Best Practice guidance
  • Next steps

    • volunteers to write a blog post?


  • Discussion and updates to the Best Practice Guidance
    • the wording around "because this in't a fixed value set, don't index", we want to say it shouldn't even be searchable or query-able. The only thing that should be queryable is whether there is a value at all (but not what the value is).

      • why is that important?

      • Should this even be noted as an FAQ or should we identify this as technical advice?

      • "Implementors are advised not to index on the values, only on the presence."

      • Do indexing have any implications for institutions that need to do audits? No, it's only a performance related thing.

  • Next steps:
    • Heather to clean up the text, reordering and getting ready for public review
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