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  1. Open Actions
  2. Administrivia
    1. Nominating a Chair

    2. Revising the ToR
  3. Review of Schema Board Work Item Portfolio
    1. Working copy of the eduPerson spec:
  4. voPerson subcommittee status
  5. AOB


  1. Open Actions

    1. Scott: still need to look at the generation question and see if there is already a simple method to generated the SAML subjectID and pairwiseID values (there is code to generate ePTID). Scott and Miro will follow up on this together at TNC. Note that this work item will not delay the other work items being discussed in the Schema Board Work Item Portfolio

    2. Keith: See Keith’s notes on the meeting notes comments page. need updated LDIFs for OpenLDAP on the Internet2 website. Benn suggests a git repo as a canonical directory for this kind of thing. 

  2. Administrivia

    1. Nominating a Chair - Benn Oshrin was nominated and will act as Chair

    2. Revising the ToR - need to consider revising how to remove a non-responsive Board member; also need to consider a term for the Chair (suggest: align for the duration of their current term or until they want to step down as Chair); also need to make sure it’s clear that the Board has clear power to revise the ToR. Also, need to make sure that there is a report back to the community at the end of the calendar year to let people know what’s changed in the ToR and in other areas of the board’s work.

      • Heather Flanagan to send out a report in January 2020 to make sure the community has a chance to see what’s changed in the ToR and other areas since the board kick off

      • Heather Flanagan to create a revised ToR for the board to vote on during the next call

  3. Review of Schema Board Work Item Portfolio

    1. Working copy of the eduPerson spec:

    2. Text has been revised after discussion of work item 1 and approved by the board. See Schema Board Work Item Portfolio for the revised text for work item 1.

      1. Heather Flanagan to continue updating the working draft with suggested content from the remaining Work Items

  4. voPerson subcommittee status

    1. Benn: haven’t ramped up yet. Email has gone out to the mailing list with a triage of items to start working items. Expect to meet during TNC.

      1. Scott: what about an OID space for voPerson? Benn/Heather: GEANT has an OID space that we can use.

  5. AOB

1 Comment

  1. Update on my action item on eduPerson LDIFs. <= The LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) - Technical Specification <= eduPerson LDIF files <= eduPerson LDIF for AD <= eduPerson LDIF for OpenLDAP <= Historical eduPerson LDIF files in need of updating