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Browser changes and FedCM


FedCM ("A privacy preserving federated identity Web API" - quote from GitHub) is several browser vendors go at ensuring users can still use buttons for "Sign in with <third party IdP vendor>..." even as the privacy preserving practices around third party cookies etc. are rolled out - privacy practises that would inevitably break the current login pattern. This baseline will enable us to continue offering our R&E community federated access as long as we take part in its development, and adapt our communities critical software stacks.


  • The hackathon experience
  • Participation from critical software stacks
  • Participants to attend W3C to advocate for resolving any issues raised by R&E stacks


  • Create a TL;DR, a recorded presentation (Geant), and include an initial resource center and find maintainers of the resource center. - Albert Wu Albert Wu Leif Johansson 
  • A cadence of communications activities around FedCM in particular and browser changes in general focused on federation communities eg eduGAIN, CACTI/Internet2, etc. 
  • Recommendations for how software developers /software stacks and federation operators implement and respond to Fed CM. – Leif J
  • Common communication language for larger scale motivation of resources. - Chris P


<technical shorts>

<proposed flow chart through API at this stage, can be updated as it is adapted>

Call to action:

This new approach to protect end user privacy that browsers are proposing appears to have significant impact to R&E federation access practices. If you have software, have your developers reviewed Are they aware of a hackathon planned in Feb to test R&E tools and provide the W3C with feedback? Have you considered business continuity effects for your systems, especially if your suppliers do not address the new browser controls? A REFEDS working group is proposed for 2023 workplan 2023 Work Plan Preparation.


Resource requirementsNeed technical experience as well as CSuite outreach
StatusWorking group approved and added to the REFEDS 2023 Workplan

OpenID Connect Federation Operations including some work on how we deploy the OIDC Fed spec in a way to make it interoperable between different federations (a la eduGAIN).

ProposerNicole Roy 
Resource requirements

Technical experience, OIDC for Federations knowledge, need some FedOps staff to help think this through


Judith Bush Anass CHABLI Alex Stuart Pål Axelsson Zacharias Törnblom 
+1 from SURF, with the note that we suggest the focus on the strategic level and the policy discussion, not (only) on the technical aspects

StatusThe REFEDS Steering Committee notes that we will always have this on the agenda to help provide updates back to this community, but that previous proposals have always ended in favor of sending the work to OIDCre working group in the OIDF. Also, given where the world is going wrt to wallets, OIDC focus may be too late.
TitleService Catalogue in a Federated world

What if we had common specifications on services exposed to eduGAIN that would allow us to build a service catalogue ? 

We could consider having a first level catalogue, of services offered by NRENs. Then expand this to federation members.

Which requirements would be needed to have such catalogue ? and what are the benefits and risks related to that.

ProposerAnass CHABLI 
Resource requirements

Federation Operators, Service Operators, technical experience, team worked already on the eduGAIN Service Catalogue.


Alex Stuart Mario Reale Casper Dreef Guy Halse Albert Wu Adam Snook 

Comment from SURF: possibly first enhance MET to showcase the (meta)data instead on investing time on this topic 

StatusThe work as scoped is not within REFEDS mandate. A community chat to discuss different options will be scheduled in Q1 2023 to determine next steps appropriate for REFEDS.
TitleUpdate MRPS

The current Metadata Registration Practice Statement is out of date but is still used by eduGAIN candidates.

The eduGAIN Steering Group requests to pick this up as soon as possible.


Casper Dreef on behalf of the eduGAIN Steering Group

Resource requirementsFederation Best Practice WG
StatusA working group has been approved
TitleEnsure MET is maintained

MET ( is widely used. However the issues list is not being addressed and there are frequently operational issues with the service.

Proposal is to first facilitate the community of MET users to articulate their requirements for a MET service (including but not limited to issues on GitHub) and present some potential ways forward.

The REFEDS White Paper "Service Catalogues in a Federated Context" includes a proposal to consolidate the MET and eduGAIN metadata catalogues so this proposed work item may overlap with Anass CHABLI 's proposal for the work item above.

Resource requirementsA short-term WG in the first instance

Matthew Slowe Matt Huckson Nicole Roy Alex Perez Mendez Adam Snook 

+1 from SURF on maintenance, in our view budget is the primary required resource for hiring a maintainer

StatusThis work will be included in the MET maintenance item in the work plan.

TitleLiaison Program
DescriptionWe should set up a regular liaison program with the FIM4R/FIM4L communities, as per the REFEDS strategic plan.
Resource requirementscoordination
StatusThis activity will be picked up as part of REFEDS Promotion and Communication
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