As REFEDS and other communities have developed entity categories and other specifications, the issue of using logos has been discussed and in some cases implemented.  There's been no specific strategy behind this - the development has tended to be reactive to the scenarios in hand (with the exception of branding for Sirtfi).  As we develop more of these approaches, it is a good time to take stock and think about the direction we want to take for branding and trust marks and to have a clear approach as to how we wish to have the logos used and where.  There are benefits and drawbacks to approaches: having logos can help us clearly and cleanly promote our work and give entities a way of flagging compliance, but too many could lead to a NASCAR level of noise and water down the overall impact.  It is also worth considering whether we want to brand each area individually at a logo level, or whether a more general REFEDS baseline / accreditation / maturity mark might be a better goal.

Current Status

Research and Scholarship (R&S)No formal logo  InCommon developed something for stickers at their events and are happy for us to reuse.
Code of Conduct (CoCo)No logoNo logo.  Specification is formally owned by GÉANT (not REFEDS) but our community is the primary user.
Sirtfilogo existsLogo developed by AARC.  Need to make sure we have access to appropriate artwork and .eps files.
MFA / SFA / Assurancerequest for logoNeed to determine if we are creating a logo at each level or just for assurance. 

Use Cases

  • Promotional: needs to be printable and usable on various media - e.g. for stickers / documents. 
  • As a trustmark: needs to be reusable on websites and sized appropriately. 


Pros / Cons
1Develop a logo for each specification
2Develop a logo for each specification wants it reaches certain leverage
3Develop a more general REFEDS mark

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