Work Area ControlSCHAC work is detailed in contract with Heather Flanagan: CTR(15)017
Work PeriodJanuary 2015 - June 2015
Work Area Brief Description

D1: SCHAC 1.5 production schema and appropriate documentation to be available on the REFEDS wiki (Mar 2015)

D2: SCHAC/MACE collaboration proposal, to be available on the REFEDS wiki (April 2015)

D3: SCHAC SAML profile to be available on the REFEDS wiki (June 2015) 

Work Area Status Report: 19th March 2015
  1. The 1.5.0 is so very close to release. Approximately 39 proposed editorial changes to review; that should be done this week.
  2. Collaboration with eduPerson - Started the interview process with key players in the eduPerson space to see what they think might be possible/reasonable in terms of collaborating with SCHAC. I've spoken with Keith Hazelton already, and will be talking with Ken, Rhys, and Leif in the next week. I'm also intending to reach out to Mikael and Niels for their thoughts. When I have the initial report drafted, I'll reach out to the SCHAC editorial board as well as MACE-Dir (through Keith) to see how this matches their thoughts on the matter.
  3. SCHAC SAML profile - On the editorial board mailing list, Peter suggested that this is actually not necessary any longer. I intend to talk to a few more people, reaching out to the individuals on the editorial boar, to see what they think about it.
Work Area Status Report: 
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