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The following triangle may ease a reader to understand the data protection related relationships between the parties and the documents governing them

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  • The user's and his/her Home Organization's relationship is covered by the Home Organisation’s AUP (acceptable use policy) agreement with the user.
    • Typically, an emploee, student and other end user accepts the Home Organisation's AUP when he/she receives his/her user account.
    • The Home Organisation has an opportunity to inform the user on his/her personal data processing when he/she accepts the AUP
  • The user's and Service Provider's relationship is covered by the Service Provider’s privacy policy
  • This Data protection Code of Conduct is proposed to cover the relationship between the Home organization and Service Provider.
    • Additionally, the Home Organisation and Service Provider may have other agreements, such as a data processor/controller agreement. Those agreements are proposed to take precedence over the Code of Conduct.