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NumberRequested ActionResponse
1Remove requirement for administrative contactImplemented
2Change the name 'provenance' to 'registration criteria'Implemented
3Use RFC2119 referencesImplemented
4Change wording on metadata refresh and verification to "Service Provider *claims to*" and remove reference to verificationImplemented
5Don't use url-encoded characters for the urlFinal version will be moved to the REFEDS wiki and resolve at the URL for the entity category so this won't be an issue
6Tidy up Identity Provider / Service Provider / IdP / SP consistencyImplemented
7Remove requirement for technical contactNot implemented
8Add requirement for mdui:InformationURLImplemented
9Internet2 proposal for a section on 'deployment considerations':   This has not been implemented.  Most of the recommendations are good practice guidelines for doing federated access and are NOT specific to the R&S Entity Category so should be addressed elsewhere.  A new section on 'attribute request' has been added to address the issues raised in this section about SP behaviour.
10Internet2 Internet2 proposal for a section on 'normative statements': section is only required if the the REFEDS proposal seeks to control the behaviour of ALL R&S like entity categories AND propose its own implementation of it.  I would suggest that we ONLY want to seek to control the REFEDS R&S Entity Category,  so this section is not needed.  For discussion.
11Use numbering for ease of referenceImplemented
12How do we seek to control currency and appropriateness of R&S tags?For discussion.  Require FO to undertake a lightweight annual review?
13Does 4.3.1 need revising? Clumsy at the moment, is binding reference necessary? What does support mean?For discussion
14Change the definition section to: Traditionally, the three dimensions of academic endeavor are: research and scholarship, instruction, and service. A candidate for the Research & Scholarship Category is a Service Provider that supports research and scholarship as an essential component.Not implemented.