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Best practices for Hub-and-Spoke federation


Hub-and-Spoke federations operate a centralized authentication component as part of their Identity Federation. In Reseach and Education about 10 federations are currently running such a setup.

This activity gathers best practices form those running such federations. Possible topics may include:

  • Operational topic, e.g. scale and security
  • Enduser, IdP and SP support
  • Trust establisment, privacy preservation and policy
  • Business cases for running a central component
  • Augmenting federation with e.g. group management, attribute aggregation, stepup authentication, credential and protocol translation and autherization
  • Working with metadata
  • Available tools and technologies
  • Working with eduGAIN, Code of Conduct and attribute bundles
  • Combining Hub-and-Spoke and Mesh federation technology
ProposerNiels van Dijk
Resource requirementsSeveral conference calls, a wiki space, pehaps one or two f2f discussion meetings at existing venues
+1'sLaas Toom (EENet)
TitleGlobal FedLab
DescriptionLots of useful tools have been produced as part of FedLab - as seen in Roland's excellent presentation in Indianapolis.  There have also been other tools developed across the community to monitor and check information - such as MET, Code of Conduct monitor, Lukas's domain-checking tool for edugain, SMEV etc. etc.  Some of FedLab will be moved to production as part of the GN4 project under the Identity and Harmonisation Task, but this will only address specific GEANT Project use cases.  A pilot should be undertaken by REFEDS to look at global requirements and the best set of tools for our community.  In the longterm this may merge back with GEANT service offerings but it makes sense to run a pilot under REFEDS to address all possible features.
ProposerLicia Florio, Nicole Harris, Roland Hedberg
Resource requirementsFunding for hosting and coordinating testing and decisions around useful tools.  Development effort can be provided via GN4.
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