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FOG: Federation Operators Group

Peter Brand with support from Nicole Harris01/2312/23This is an ongoing discussion group and as such has no specific goals.
REF23-2BAssuranceKyle Lewis01/2312/23
  • Work on RAF v2
  • Revisit and modernize the specifications (formal review).
  • Ensure test facilities are in place to enable adoption.

REF23-2CEntity Category SupportHeather Flanagan01/2312/23

Consider whether a fourth Entity Category is necessary to handle more conditional use cases.

REF23-2DSPOG: SP Operators GroupLaura Paglione01/2312/23This is an ongoing discussion group and as such has no goals.
REF23-2EBrowser Changes and FederationTBDJudith Bush, Zacharias Törnblom12/2212/23

Provide input to APIs under development by the browser community to implement new privacy controls managed by the browser. In FedCM ("A privacy preserving federated identity Web API" - quote from GitHub) several browser vendors are working to ensure users can still use buttons for "Sign in with <third party IdP vendor>..." even as the privacy-preserving practices around third-party cookies etc. are rolled out - privacy practices that would inevitably break the current login pattern. This baseline will enable us to continue offering our R&E community federated access as long as we take part in its development, and adapt our community's critical software stacks.

REF23-2FUpdate the MRPSTBD02/2312/23The current Metadata Registration Practice Statement is out of date but is still used by eduGAIN candidates.