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The first release of "SCHAC Individual Attributes Specification" was issued in May 2006. The release defines a set of attributes to describe individuals in the academic and research institutions and contains an appropriate LDAP profile in appendix.

With the latest release, issued in March 2009, SCHAC has reached a level of maturity that makes its usage attractive.

The current SCHAC release, published in April 2015, as well as previous releases and proposed updates, can be downloaded from the download page.

SCHAC Review Plan

The SCHAC community is working on a plan to review the whole SCHAC schema and its governance.  See the SCHAC Plan for more detail.

How to contribute to SCHAC


Proposals for changes are discussed on the SCHAC mailing list for community feedback and approved by the SCHAC Editorial Board. If consensus is reached on a proposed change, then the new attributes or the updated attributes are added to the SCHAC schema on the next new release.

SCHAC Mailing list

The group Discussion is open to anybody who has experience using directories, attribute schemata and who is keen to contribute, and takes place on the REFEDS mailing list.

To join the REFEDS mailing list, go to the REFEDS website and sign up!