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As of October 2014, TERENA has become the GEANT AssociationGÉANTHowever all All OIDs and URNs previously assigned to TERENA are still in use and valid.

For all existing services, there is no intention to change OIDs or URNs OIDS and URNs previously associated with TERENA have been updated to reflect the name change of name of TERENA. 

For more information on the TERENA GÉANT OIDs and URNs please visit the TERENA registry.


The SCHAC OID is registered under the TERENA enterprise number, 25178 assigned to TERENA in 2006 and reassigned to GÉANT in 2020.

The branch is reserved for SCHAC:



To request an OID assignment in the TERENA tree for SCHAC, please contact



Registration in the urn:schac namespace


Namespace: (DEPRECATED)
Purpose: Schema for Academia
Date Reg: 26-05-2006
Reg. URL: