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STORK/SAML Interoperability Working Group

This group proposes to improve the interoperability among SAML deployments, in particular between STORK and industry standard SAML profiles such as Kantara SAML eGov Profile or SAML2Int.

Vision and Expected Impact

Build and enhance a common technical infrastructure for European Identity and Access Federations compatible with global industry standards.

Benefit from a rich offering of products, tools, services and knowledge that is available in the SAML WebSSO community.

Nudge STORK to provide SAML-interfaces at national contact points that easily fits into currently deployed technology stacks (SAML2Int and Kantara eGov Profiles)

Allow existing federations to tap into the resources of STORK to make high-quality eIDs available for a variety of use cases at low cost.

Cooperate in areas of common interest:

  • Establish generic test facilities for SAML deployments;

  • Aggregate critical mass to drive related standards.

Make progress in areas such as

  • Continually improving security and interoperability;

  • Facilitating difficult transitions that depend on underlying infrastructure, such as ciphers, PKI and browser capabilites

Extend the use of SAML to support use cases that are better addressed by other protocols, e.g. for mobile devices or delegated authentication.