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  • Un-Affiliated IdP Working Group Draft Annual Report, 2017

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  • A checklist of requirements and features that would qualify an IdP as an Un-Affiliated IdP
  • A self-assessment tool by which IdPs may rate their service agains the checklist of requirements
  • A publicly available registry of IdPs that have completed the checklist that includes their responses
  • A REFED-scale communications plan about the service and how to connect with it
  • Add participation in SIRTFI (federated incident handling agreements) to the checklist for Un-Affiliated IdP services
  • Promote the practice of users establishing accounts with more than one self-declared Un-Affiliated IdP
  • Define processes by which an SP may register multiple identities for a given user from multiple Un-Affiliated IdPs.
  • Work with REFEDS and the community of Research and Education Service Providers to insure the long-term availability of Un-Affiliated IdP Services.