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at 15:30 CEST, via VC.



  • To discuss proposed changes to the R&S specification and agree next steps.
  • To discuss the proposal for abstract attributes. 

Discussion items

5 minBackground, why are we here?Nicole Harris
30 minProposal for changes to R&SPeter Schober / Scott Cantor?
20 min

Abstract Attributes proposal - do we need this and moving forward

2016 REFEDS Workplan - see REF16-4E

Nicole Harris
5 minNext steps - working group?Nicole Harris

Notes of meeting

Nicole welcomed attendees to the meeting and asked Peter and Scott to give an overview of the current proposed changes to the R&S Entity Category (R&S Clarification Proposal). The following core issues were identified:


Nicole asked attendees if it would be useful to propose and set up a specific working group on attribute issues, potentially reusing the attribute-release mailing lists.  Attendees were generally in agreement that this was a good idea although there was some discussion on what the scope of this should be that should be clarified in the WG charter. 

Action items

  •  Scott Cantor to add clarification to section 7 of the R&S clarification proposal to directly reference the 2 bundles.
  •  Scott Cantor to add clarification to the text to say more about the intention of non-reassigned as a long-term notion. and that
  •  Nicole Harris to prepare guidance text to explain what happens if an IdP chooses to leave R&S. 
  •  Nicole Harris to raise R&S monitoring tool with REFEDS SC and community.
  •  Nicole Harris to prepare text for a consultation period on the new proposal as a 1.3 clarification.
  •  Nicole Harris to propose a new working group on attribute management with a specific focus on R&S in the short term.