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titleSirtfi survey

The Sirtfi Working Group will send survey invitations to appropriate contacts for each federated entity registered in eduGAIN metadata on or about May 3, 2021. The survey will be open between May 3, 2021 and May 28, 2021. The survey itself is at:

To aid recipients in validating the email invitation, note that the invitation will be sent by Tom Barton <> to the list and will be digitally signed by certificate serial number 72:BC:F1:C9:B6:10:D5:AD:E6:3E:03:5C:22:D4:45:F5, SHA-256 fingerprint 22:88:F8:88:50:D4:CA:84:C7:EF:FD:58:E3:98:E0:7F:17:B1:5E:A9:BA:CC:1A:62:5E:A5:99:50:0F:FE:C9:47