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  1. Open Actions
    1. eduPerson git repo
  2. Administrivia
    1. Vote on revised ToR
          - see
      1. Board has approved the revised ToR as written
  3. Review of Schema Board Work Item Portfolio - Work items 3-5
    1. Working copy of the eduPerson spec:
    2. (As part of Work Item 3) Larger topic to consider, possibly at ACAMP - should the eduPerson schema scale back to being a purely LDAP-focused schema (part of the discussion around whether to include protocol specific identifier recommendations in ePPN)
    3. (As part of Work Item 4) It is unclear whether it is even possible to actually remove an attribute from a schema, from an operational perspective. We can mark it as deprecated, we can remove it from the LDIF, but can the OID be reused? What about purely internal use? Could we instead note it as obsoleted? Obsolete sounds like a better option .
    4. (As part of Work Item 5) The Schema board does not accept this change at this time. Further discussion is required to determine how much SAML-specific (versus LDAP or OIDC) information should be included in the specification. This change needs to be considered in a broader context. A new release of the schema can go forward without this change. It is worth noting that allowing the SAML-specific recommendation for eduPersonTargetedId is a different situation, in that we are deprecating that attribute and guiding people to a new one, as opposed to this case where we are suggesting SAML specific recommendation for an attribute that will otherwise remain in the specification.
  4. voPerson subcommittee status
    1. Summer hiatus
  5. AOB
    1. MACE-Dir defined isMemberOf and hasMember are currently orphaned and hard to find. Should we add this to the list of Refeds-managed schema? (KeithH)
      1. Formal attribute definitions for isMemberOf and hasMember:
      2. Formal conceptual model of groups and memberships:
        1. isMemberOf is widely adopted. Not sure if hasMember is commonly used. If we decide to evaluate bringing these into the Schema Editorial Board purview, we need to do an analysis on hasMember to see if it should be maintained, or if there's something else out there.
          •  Heather Flanaganto send a note to the board asking if they have any concerns about sending a query to the community regarding any thoughts about adopting isMemberOf and/or hasMember; responses will be due 6 September 2019
          •  Heather Flanagan to send a note to the community on 9 September 2019, after board approval, regarding any thoughts about adopting isMemberOf and/or hasMember