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  • 2020-02-13 Baseline Expectations Meeting

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at 16:00 CET



Discussion Items

5 minReview previous meeting, open actions
5 minCommon meeting time for future meetings
15 minNext steps, timeline
15 minAOB

Draft minutes:

Review previous meeting

For minutes of the previous meeting, please see: 2020-01-21 Baseline Expectations Meeting

For the action log, please see: Meeting notes

Common meeting time for future meetings

Anass kindly set up an European centric Evento-page to help the WG to find a placeholder for future meetings:

Ideally we end up with 2 meeting slots. Tuesday 3pm CET is currently the most popular time slot.

Next steps, timeline


  • Paper with high-level statement
  • Examples of implementation plans

InCommon's baseline:
And this is the consensus process developed along side Baseline Expectations:
The dispute resolution process:

Do they cover what we try to accomplish with this WG?

Objectives for T&I Town Hall:

  • weekly meetings