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  • Error Handling WG Notes - 19 March 2020

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  • Status: Complete demo php-site with good examples so we have a reference implementation for people to consider. Should also do some visual distinction to show which part is for the SP, which for the IdP. Maybe a flow diagram?


      Alan Buxey  and Fredrik Domeij  will work on where we need to create appropriate text for the error messages (see config.php)


      Fredrik Domeij will give people the necessary GitHub repository access as needed)

  • Status: Write this up for public comment;

  • Use ISO8601 for ERRORURL_TS?
    • Consensus: no, use UNIX epoch
  • What is this ERRORURL_INFO stuff?
    • see updated working doc
  • Next step
    • Action items as described above
    • Next call 26 March 2020 (time still shifted due to mismatch of DST changes)