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  • Prioritization of Schema Board Work Item Portfolio - currently includes four open items

    • Work Item 5: Adding a Notes section to the eduPersonUniqueId definition - need to put something in a SAML-specific support page (example:

    • Work Item 6: Protocol-specific markup - consider having a master document that contains everything, with automated extraction for protocol-specific files


        Alan Buxey  will do some research to see if there are examples of documentation that will build itself out of a master file already in existence on GitHub

    • Work Item 7: Expand Attribute Values - are there one or two affiliations that would solve people’s problems? This needs to go to a working group or out for community discussion to see what actual use cases require. Example: contractor.

    • Work Item 8: AcademicID - there is more than one initiative to create an identifier for campus people; how many of these do we want to support? They are already going to use the SCHAC PersonalUniqueID. What, if anything, should eduPerson support? If someone approaches us to ask us to support another thing like an ORCID, how do we support this? How likely is it that we’re going to see a bunch of requests come in? Perhaps just consider this on a case by case basis. If we did support unique identifiers from given efforts, need to indicate that populating these attributes should be done according to that efforts’ policies. We can’t protect this for them. 

      • Consensus here is to deal with this on a case by case basis; will reconsider if we see a number of requests coming in. 


    • Terry has reviewed; Alan to review what’s in the branch