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Finally, an email address is synonymous with the mail attribute.

6. Attribute Request

One If a Service Provider requests a particular R&S attribute, the Identity Provider is REQUIRED to release it. Thus one or more R&S attributes MUST be listed in Service Provider metadata, otherwise the Identity Provider may release nothing at all.

If a Service Provider lists requests an R&S attribute in metadata, that attribute MUST be required to operate the service. That is, all Thus an R&S attributes attribute requested in metadata MUST NOT be decorated with isRequired="true"false". Beyond that, the use of the isRequired XML attribute on any <md:RequestedAttribute> element in metadata is unspecified.

7. Attribute Release

An Identity Provider supports the Research & Scholarship (R&S) category if, for some subset of the Identity Provider’s user population, the Identity Provider is willing and able to release the R&S attribute bundle to all conforming R&S Service Providers without administrative involvement, either automatically or subject to user consent.