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  • 2021-05-11 R&S 2.0 Notes

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  1. Recap of consensus so far - note that all changes will need to be validated via the consultation process
    1. The FAQ will be revised to offer clarity on the term "affiliation" (see Research and Scholarship FAQ) and editorial changes made to the spec to make it more clear (see new draft spec for updated structure)
    2. eduPersonScopedAffiliation will become a required value
    3. R&S will require privacy statements
    4. subject-id should be listed as the new identifier
    5. R&S 1.3 and R&S 2.0 can co-exist; no migration detail will be included in the spec itself.
    6. ePPN and targeted ID to both be removed from R&S 2.0
    7. Information on OIDC requirements will be moved to R&S 2.1 (after the OIDF OIDCre working group has formal documentation in this space)
    8. eduPersonAssurance will be required, RAF recommended
    9. We'll resolve the need for information on the origin organization by adding guidance for the use for eduPersonScopedAffiliation
    10. DisplayName and Given/SN should all be are required
  2. Review of final changes to the draft spec