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comment #Line/Reference #Proposed Change or QueryProposer / AffiliationAction / Decision (please leave blank)
128-33Propose changing Critical Success Factor #1 so it reads more about "engagement" through the meetings, discussion lists, and Slack Channels. "Attendance" feels like just counting people in seats at meetings (unless this factor is defined in a parent document).Mark Rank - Cirrus Identity
228-44Propose the Critical Success Factor (CSF) "Sustainable Standards Development Process and Adoption" be the #1 CSF. While the others are important, standards development and adoption feels like the most critical (unless this order is defined in a parent document). Mark Rank - Cirrus Identity
312Request clarification of the term "Research Infrastructures". It is not clear if  projects like LIGO or CILogon are "Research Infrastructures" and thereby in the primary audience or are SPs and therefore in the secondary audience.Scott Koranda - CILogon
438Sudden appearance of the term "academic federation". If this is the same as "R&E ... federation" in line 6 then it should use the same term. If it's different, then the difference needs to be explainedAndrew Cormack - Jisc