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REF22-2: Specialist Working Groups

Lead: Heather Flanagan


  • To provide infrastructure and support for evolving ideas and areas in the REFEDS community. 


FOG: Federation Operators Group

Brand with support from Nicole Harris01/2212/22This is an ongoing discussion group and as such has no specific goals.
REF22-2BSIRTFITom Barton01/2212/22

Work on Sirtfi v2.0 and supporting guidance, then re-evaluate the remaining Phase 3 objectives in the work plan. Maybe this WG can wrap up in 2022!

REF22-2CAssuranceJule Ziegler01/2212/22
  • Work on RAF v2
  • Revisit and modernize the specifications (formal review).
  • Ensure test facilities are in place to enable adoption.

REF22-2DEntity Category SupportHeather Flanagan01/2212/22

Harmonize the attribute release-related entity categories (Anonymous Authorization, Pseudonymous Authorization, and Personalized Access).


Federation Trust 2.0

Tom Barton and Judith Bush01/2203/22

Complete response to 2021 consultation.

REF22-2FSPOG: SP Operators GroupLaura Paglione01/2212/22This is an ongoing discussion group and as such has no goals.
REF22-2GREFEDS OIDCreTBD03/2212/22Continuation is still under discussion
REF22-2HFuture ProtocolsTBD03/2212/22A working group to look at existing specifications to determine if and how they can be changed to become more protocol agnostic. The goal is to allow enough flexibility to support SAML, OIDC, DIDs, and future undeveloped protocols.
REF22-2IBest Practices for Integrating with Microsoft AzureTBD03/2212/22

Many federation operators have reported challenges with integrating with Microsoft Azure platforms. This group would establish a community of individuals specifically interested in supporting each other with these integrations and would document best practices as they are developed.

REF22-3: Promotion and Communication

Lead: Nicole Harris


  • To provide materials and support mechanisms to help federations promote effective approaches to IdPs and SPs.
  • To provide feedback on documents produced by other groups to support clarity of messages.
  • To reach out to target groups where specific messaging could be beneficial.