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DATE: 23 September 2019

LOCATION: Copenhagen, Denmark

The R&E community, from the scholarly information world to research communities to universities, all depend on digital identity and trust models. Come join us to work on the code that will grow the capabilities in the trust and identity arena at the first T&I Hackathon, offered in conjunction with the NORDUnet Technical Workshop and brought to you by REFEDS, Identity Python, and NORDUnet.

As with any Hackathon, this is about developers. It is not a day of tutorials and sessions - it’s about code. Do you have ideas for Identity Discovery? Join the table to work on Do you have an idea for a new Satosa microservice? Join the Satosa developers table. Do you have some other idea for integrating new functionality to support assurance levels? Strong authentication? Come with your ideas and set up a table to start the work!

Registration for the Hackathon is part of the overall NORDUnet Technical Workshop (  The NORDUnet Technical Workshop (NTW) is is held every two years in Copenhagen. The main event (24-26 September 2019) features a series of workshops on subjects related to research and education networks, including a full day of trust & identity workshops. The NTW brings together 150-200 practitioners from research and education networking communities in the Nordic countries and beyond. The event is held a 5-minute metro ride from Copenhagen airport, 10 minutes from central Copenhagen.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Proposed Topics

OIDC Federation

  • Implement the OIDC Federation API 
  • Discuss and implement how to resolve a trust chain

IdP Discovery and

  • Integrate discovery into your SP
  • API for external discovery service


  • A configurable proxy for translating between different authentication protocols such as SAML2, OpenID Connect and OAuth2
  • Create or enhance new microservices


  • Interop testing for MDQ implementations
  • Discuss and implement Push-MDQ

IdP support for FIDO2/Webauthn

  • Implement passwordless or multifactor authentication with your favourite IdP (Shibboleth, SimpleSAMLphp, etc) through the W3C Webauthn standard
  • Use Webauthn to secure access to SP implementations by registering authenticators as a local account (TOFU). 


  • Improving discovery by leveraging VO registration records
  • Supporting Enrollment Flow specific discovery
  • Webauthn: What TODO?
  • UI/UX: The story continues
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