WG Consensus

  • The Anonymous Access, Pseudonymous Access, and Personalized Access Entity Categories shall be harmonized based on the decisions made around Personalized Access.
  • Authorization guidance shall be split out into a separate, descriptive paper and not be part of any of the entity categories.
  • The names should be "Access Entity Category" not "Authorization Entity Category" - 10 January 2022
  • We will not include assurance requirements to the Anonymous Access Entity Category - 10 January 2022
  • We will take out wording in Anonymous that Section 4 that requires proof while leaving in wording that requires documentation for Registration Requirements - 24 January 2022


  • Verify WG Consensus items
  • Review proposed changes to Anonymous and Pseudonymous ECs 
    • Final look at Anonymous
    • Pål to match up Pseudonymous and Personalized EC's based on changes made to Anonymous
    • Make sure SeamlessAccess feedback (top of google doc) is considered
  • Review initial draft for authorization (Scott C's action item from last call) - Federated Authorization Best Practices
    • "I think it's important that a service that requires only the former but can do the latter be able to assert both. We should take care to author the changes to both of them to ensure that's sensible. It shouldn't worded so strictly that you have to pick only one."


  • Review of Anonymous and Pseudonymous ECs
    • The text for Anonymous was settled; any further updates will be reviewed after the other two ECs have been reviewed.
    • The text for Pseudonymous has been revised up through the end of Section 3. The group will start with Section 4 on our next call. Note some changes were made to both Anonymous and Personalized as we reached consensus on better text with Pseudonymous.