REEP was launched a few years ago with the aim to offer an external registry for federations. It had some clear use-cases in the beginning, but later due to eduGAIN offering more features it was parked and operated as best effort.

Over the last time, the insterest in REEP is renewed, mostly in light of the discussing in the Sirtfi WG to look for a registry to host Sirtfi-ed entities.

We are at a point where a decision is needed as to whether improve REEP or to slowly fade it out. It would be very useful if we had a clear understanding of REEP requirements/use-cases as well as of what is currently not working.

Based on the information collected a decision can be  made on how to proceed.



the needs come from

Does REEP support this already?
The ExLibris Alma library system reportedly creates one IDP-specific SAML SP for every customer/institution, i.e., thousands of virtual SPs, each one only usable by a single IDP. We're not convinced we should register these in the federation, as federations are about scaling things. (Multi-tenancy is the opposite, in many ways.) Maybe having someone stuff those entities (for n IDPs register n × Alma SP) into REEP and having the federation aggergate stuff from there would be benefitial.
ACOnet, but possibly Alma customers the world over(tick)