A rough survey of schacHomeOrganizationType or other organization type values in use, no matter where they are from/defined. Please add your community/federation to an existing line (Foo, Bar) or add a new bullet if the values differ. If you cannot log in, you may also send your values to lukas.haemmerle@switch.ch.

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Values Already in Use

The format is <value> (<schema>) - <federation> [, <federation>]*


University of Applied Sciences

(University) Hospital


Professional education and training college

Institution on the upper secondary level

Virtual Home Organization

Guest Login (Self-registration)


Research Institute

Virtual Organisation

Other Organization

Wishlist for Additional Values

Quoting from SCHAC Plan "Comments from Feide":

We need a value for primary and secondary schools as well. We can define those as national value(s), but perhaps it could be useful for other countries so it should be in the "urn:schac:homeOrganizationType:int:" namespace.