Mailing List

GÉANT operates a closed mailing list for the REFEDS Federation Operators Group, to facilitate open discussions about operational issues of running Research and Education Identity Federations. The list operates with the following agreement (consisting of the Chatham House Rule amended with the possibility to ask for permission):

Participants of this list are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the source(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. If this cannot be ensured redistribution of any information received requires prior express permission from the source(s).

People can request access to the mailing list. To be accepted for membership, two existing list members (at least one of which from a different organisation than that of the applicant) must express support for the inclusion.

XMPP chat room

Members of the FOG mailing list may also join the FOG XMPP multi-user chat, which is operated under the same rules as the mailing list (see above). To get your JabberID authorized for the XMPP MUC send it to fog-request at, from the email address you're subscribed with to the FOG mailing list.


Participants must be voted in on an individual basis (except eduGAIN SG members, see below). REFEDS tracks the organisations represented on the FOG list.
By agreement with the eduGAIN Operations Team and the FOG membership active members of the eduGAIN Steering Group do not need to be voted on.

Individuals from the following R&E federations are represented on the FOG list (as of Nov 2018 CE):

Individuals from the following organisations that don't current operate a federation are represented on the FOG list: