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Apologies Alex

Nicole FP03 - metadata. bringing up Peters email to list last week about SPs having different metadata in federations and issue with eduGAIN first past post

Alan - Peter made a good comment. how can we encapsulate as an expectation If baseline was followed, how much of this issue would be removed (ie common metadata)

Nicole -

Nicole pasted link:

Alan - is this same actual endpoint not just same entityID ?

Meshna - I can explain....some things then noted eg agreements with federations

Jon - this entity has been around for a long time

Nicole - we cant use age

Jon - yes, but backfilling , lack of resources to chase all organisations to update

Nicole - maybe we shouldnt use UK as prime eduGAIN input

Shannon - interesting thing happened last week.... IdP chose wrong R&S tag - got filtered out (put SP tag onto their IdP).

what about opting in for the best SP data?

Alan - or opting out for the federations containing poor metadata?

Tom - what about metadata correctness for inter-federation?

Christopher - i've been making a db and finding all sorts of issues with eg phone numbers and mail - mailto: or not etc

alan - so what can we standardize on or set as a minimum baseline?  email/phone/ etc  lets take a poll

UK email , US email 

Alan - i'll have a check of federation metadata to see where we're at for the rest

Meshna - we need to ensure that we're asking

Shannon - i've added a comment 

Action items

  • Alan Buxeyto examine worldwide federation data to ascertain current populated contact details