Personal selection of pronouns is becoming increasingly common, leading to ad hoc storage and poor coordination across campus IAM systems, IdPs, and SPs (intramural and federated). This subcommittee will evaluate the current landscape and make a recommendation for how pronouns should be managed. Specific topics in scope include (but are not limited to):

  • Evaluation of current implementations
    • Campus' ad hoc solutions
    • Commercial vendor solutions (eg: Microsoft, Zoom, etc)
    • Work in schema and standards spaces (eg: OIDC)
  • Identification of recommendations and best practices
    • Taxonomy/Controlled vocabulary vs free form strings vs structured data (eg: use subject/object/etc notation)
      • I18n/L10n
      • Maximum length
      • "standardization" of non-pronoun values, eg "ask me", "just use my name", "prefer not to answer", "no response"
      • Multiple choices, eg he/they
    • Different values for different audiences
    • Relation to "friendly names" or "display names"
    • Privacy considerations
  • Relationship to gender notation (including schacGender), if any
  • Proposal for schema changes (eduPerson, voPerson, SCHAC, or other new or existing schemas) and usage at the federation level
  • Future proofing a solution (changeability) in an area where it can be hard to make changes once an attribute is introduced


  • specification for a new eduPerson attribute (DRAFT)
  • best practice document in support of new eduPerson attribute (DRAFT)

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