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As of October 2014, TERENA has become GÉANT.  All OIDs and URNs previously assigned to TERENA are still in use and valid.

OIDS and URNs previously associated with TERENA have been updated to reflect the name change. 

For more information on GÉANT OIDs and URNs please visit the registry.


The SCHAC OID is registered under the enterprise number, 25178 assigned to TERENA in 2006 and reassigned to GÉANT in 2020.

The branch is reserved for SCHAC:

  • - Branch for SCHAC LDAP object classes
  • - Branch for SCHAC LDAP attributes

The registry of existing OID assignments is available on the SCHAC OID Registry page.

To request an OID assignment in the TERENA tree for SCHAC, please contact

Registration in the urn:schac namespace

In Aug 2011, the IETF approved the urn:schac namespace for SCHAC. The RFC 6338 describes the procedures and policies governing its use.

As of 1 January 2013, the has been DEPRECATED for all SCHAC purposes. The new namespace urn:schac is the current namespace for SCHAC.

Namespace Definitions

Namespace: urn:schac
Purpose: Schema for Academia
Date Reg: 01-01-2013
Reg. URL: SCHAC URN Registry

Namespace: (DEPRECATED)
Purpose: Attribute definitions
Date Reg: 26-05-2006
Reg. URL:

Namespace: (DEPRECATED)
Purpose: Schema for Academia
Date Reg: 26-05-2006
Reg. URL:

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