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Download SCHAC Releases

The specification is available either as the main, general purpose document, or as the LDAP schema file.

Current stable release

1.5.013 April 2015Main spec | LDAP | Openldap LDIF

Other releases

1.6.0-proposed24 March 2022See Consultation Page
1.4.15 Jul 2011Main spec | LDAP
1.4.026 Mar 2009Main spec | LDAP
1.3.012 Dec 2006Main spec | LDAP
1.2.04 May 2006Main spec
1.1.227 Mar 2006Main spec | LDAP
1.1.110 Mar 2006Main spec | LDAP
1.1.010 Feb 2006Main spec | LDAP
1.0.022 Nov 2005Main spec | LDAP
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