The purpose of this subcommittee is to determine whether a new attribute to eduPerson should be created to provide a way for an institution to send through a set of reporting codes as part of the authentication transaction, which SP will then use to create segmented usage report. If such an attribute is of value, the group will discuss the semantics of the attribute and offer a proposal to the REFEDS community.

As per the REFEDS Schema Editorial Board's Terms of Reference:

All sub-committees must have at least one Board member participating. Sub-committees may follow a typical working group model and be opened to more public participation, as long as any final proposals are posted to the broader community via the schema-discuss@lists.refeds.org mailing list. Sub-committees may not act in a manner that acts against the principles described in the REFEDS Participant's Agreement.

A sub-committee shall be considered dormant if it has not met at least once in the previous calendar year, unless it has otherwise demonstrated activity (for example via mailing list discussions).

Mailing list

  • schema-discuss@lists.refeds.org


  • David Bantz
  • Alan Buxey
  • Heather Flanagan
  • Michael Gettes
  • Meshna Koren
  • Peter Murray
  • Benn Oshrin
  • Chris Shillum
  • Ralph Youngen


Meeting notes

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