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To release attributes to all current and future R&S SPs with a one-time configuration, an IdP leverages entity attributes (instead of entity IDs). Thus the configuration steps documented in the R&S IdP Config topic require Shibboleth IdP v2.3.4 or later, which fully supports using entity attributes in SP metadata as part of an attribute release filter policy.No  No other SAML IdP software is known to support entity attributes at this time.


  • Configure an IdP to Release a Fixed Subset of R&S Attributes.   This sends releases the same subset to every R&S SP. 
  • Configure an IdP to Release a Dynamic Subset of R&S Attributes.   This sends a filtered version of the subset defined by the IdP using releases a different subset to each R&S SP based on the <md:RequestedAttribute> element as a filter elements in SP metadata.

If an IdP restricts attribute release to some subset of R&S SPs, can that IdP declare support for R&S?