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The R&S attribute bundle consists of the following attributes:

  • refedsNonPrivateUserID: a non-private user identifier
  • refedsPersonName: a person name
  • refedsEmailAddress: an email address

These attributes are "above-the-wire" attributes intended solely to facilitate attribute release. See: REFEDS Attribute Registrywhere non-private user identifier is a persistent, non-reassigned, non-targeted identifier defined to be any one of the following:

  1. eduPersonPrincipalName (if non-reassigned)
  2. eduPersonPrincipalName + eduPersonTargetedID

and where person name is defined to be any one of the following:

  1. displayName
  2. givenName + sn (surname)

and where email address is defined to be the mail attribute.

6. Attribute Request

If a Service Provider requests an R&S attribute, the Identity Provider is REQUIRED to release it. Thus one or more R&S attributes MUST be listed in Service Provider metadata, otherwise the Identity Provider may release nothing at all.